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click=menu A few details on the Bianca 414 Updated: 2006-06-09 email:
Bianca 414 Sail Yacht
Builder Bianca Yacht, Denmark
Length over all (LOA) 12.65 meter - 42'
Beam, max 2.90 meter
Draft 2.30 meter
Displacement 8.500 kg
Keel weight, ballast 3.290 kg
Hull material GRP
Designer Jan Kjaerulf
Aft & Fore  cabins
Two toilets
Sep. Shower cabin
7 berths

Engine and other  installation
Engine installation Bukh Diesel
Total HP 20 HP
Cooling Fresh water cooling
Heating system  
Sail drive with folding prop.  
Septic tank  
Diesel tank 85 liter
Water tanks 2 x 200 liter


The loose ends 
Not much is known about the 414. But this box is dedicated to whatever I can dig up. If you entered via a search engine, you should know that this site is really about the Aphrodite 101. Checkout Occassionally I get a question on  the 414, and since she is our big sister boat, I decided to dedicate one page for information on the 414.

The Mega-Aphrodite, the Bianca 414, was introduced in 1979. The legend goes that the boat was originally conceived by Jan & Svend Carlsen under the code name "Anholt-Expressen". It was produced and sold as an Elvstrom 42. The Bianca Boatyard saw the opportunity to build a mega-101 designed specifically for the US market, and so the Bianca 414 was born. The 414 looks very similar to the Aphrodite, and some people regard this construction as the true Bianca 10 meter, because she is ten meters in the waterline, whereas the Aphrodite 101 is (close) to ten meters overall.

No matter what the target market was, the story goes that the very first Bianca 414 was baptised in Skovshoved just north of Copenhagen by His Royal Highness Prince Henrik. 

James Blume, owner of the Aphrodite hull no 105, reports that there is at least 5 or 6 414s in the USA. Currently (2002) the price of a well kept boat from 1980 is around 65k US$. Rumours has it that the Bianca 414 ia also known as Elvstrom 45. If you can read Danish, the boat was described in the Danish sailing magazine Bådnyt on the 30th of September in 1979. The legend says that the Bianca boatyard originally produced twentyfive boats. 

I will maintain a boatlist on the 414... Nothing much is there right now, but this is it.. Under the boat list you will find more photos.


Hull Sail Name Whereabouts Owner Email Notes
1 SWE10576 Bianca Stockholm, Sweden Hans Carlson and Annica
Unknown Built in 1979 this was the first 414 ever built. Hull #1 as seen in the original brochure. Formerly known as Cosmic Dancer; Seen in Rungsted in the eighties. Won Sjaelland Rundt in 1979 with Paul Elvstroem at the tiller, but the story goes that there was no measurements done, so the boat could not receive the prize, - officially.
2 was D1 Draken Seattle, USA Charles E. Webber draken at webber1 dot com Built in 1979. Greer and Rita Nielsen purchased hull #2 around 1980 in Seattle and named her "The White Light Limited". In 1990 they sold her to Lou Townsend. Somehow this boat has sailnumber D1, which is strange since it is hull #2. Won Sjaelland Rundt in 1980;  Seen in Baadnyt in 1980. The article in baadnyt can be acquired on the baadnyt website,
3   Morning Star Shelter Bay, La Conner, WA Linda & Michael Duffy Available on request  
      USA Bill Wright    
      Göteborg, Sweden      
    Sundog Marina Village, Alameda, California, USA     Built 1980, originally named Colt 45.
      France     Built 1981
    Cash and Carry Gelting, Germany Thorsten Ziebell thorsten.ziebell at epost dot de  built 1981; Formerly known as Baltia
  I11513 Zechi II Adriatic Ocean, Italy      
    Belunka Asker, Norway Frode Gunnestad frodegunnestad at  Built 1982
    Astabuhen France      
    Nessim France      
  G3346 Pinguin Germany Ulrich Raguse    
    Julia I Germany Gerhard Schantl    
    Zihuataneso France      
      Rungsted, Denmark      
    Black Lara        
    So Long Aabenraa, Denmark     Built 1979; Two owners.
    Easy Rider       Built 1980; In 2006 sold for US$60k
  FRA16119 Scaramouche       Built 1982
    Belle du seigneur   N. Lelievre    




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