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Populations throughout the world

This page aims to provide accurate contact info to any known population, association and organisation throughout the world with relations to the boat Aphrodite 101.
Hints, addresses and any other relevant info not already listed here will be highly appreciated, thankyou.


Approximately 75 boats are located in denmark. Around 25 boats are gathered in or nearby the Marina Rungsted Havn some 20 kilometers north of Copenhagen.

Further info can be found on the website of Club 101, Denmark. See link page.

Lac de Bienne, Switzerland

Twelwe boats are known to cruise the waters of Lac de Bienne some 70 kilometers north east of Lac Leman. The boats are on the boatlist, thanx to Jean-Loup Archambeaud.
Yachtclub du Lac de Bienne has a website, which indicates the presence of Aphrodites. There's no detailes of races or anything. At least not yet. Checkout the website at www.ycb.ch .

Züricher see

Robert Hemmi of the BelleAmie, SUI409 reports a population on the Zuricher Lake of around 20 boats. Unfortunately only six of these are actively raced. Some of the boats can be found in resultlist on the Zürcher Yachtclub homepage, www.zyc.ch .


Some hundred boats are said to be active on the Bodensee. The Club Aphrodite IOI Bodensee e.V. has a website on: www.segeln.ch/klassen/101/


One Aphrodite is known to cruise Tegel See and the Havel. Another on is known to have once cruised these waters.


At least one boat has been confirmed to cruise the Chiemsee waters. That's some 85 kilometers due east of Munich and about 100 kilometers north of Innsbruck. No further info available.

North America

There's a population of about 6-8 Aphrodites in the Seattle area. I have not been able to find any info or a website, but there's an address to the Aphrodite 101 Owners Association:

Aphrodite 101 Owners Association
6732 3rd Ave NW
Seattle WA 98117

President Erich Volkstorf (see boatlist for more info)  estimates a total of some fourty boats in North America.


One Aphrodite is currently known to sail spanish waters. It's the 143. Details on the boatlist. No info available on organisations or any other stuff.


At least one boat is known to cruise the Irish waters. It is the 83. Details on the boatlist. No info is availabel on organisations or stuff like that.


From Bart van Haeringen I received word of an Aphrodite on the parking lot of the harbor of Noordschans; The hull is white with the classic Bianca Stripe. Hullnumber unknown. The name is Isabella. Bart also reports another Aphrodite, Babe, located in the same area. Babe has a red stribe on the side and no waterline. Thanx Bart.

United Kingdom

T.C.Ridyard in the UK reports at least four Aphrodites on the British Islands. There are rumours of a few more unidentified boats. Total in the UK may very well be 8 or more...

In the Harwich area there is at least three known boats. Some of these are out of class, since they have carbon fibre masts and new keels. 

There's no details to be found on clubs and organisations, but a few boats are on the boatlist with contact info.


The total amount of (known) boats in France is now close to twentyfive.

There is no organisation, but Jean-Loup Archambeaud maintains a french page about the Aphrodite 101. The address is on the linkpage.

At least one boat is known to sail on Lac Léman aka the Geneva lake.


There's at least five Aphrodites in Norway. No detailed info about any organisations is available at this time.


Currently there's around ten known boats in Sweden. Six of these are located on Stockholm waters. Other boats are found on the eastcoast, but info on swedish boats in Řresund is very sparse. Checkout the boat list for details. No detailed info about any organisations is available at this time.

US Rumours

According to Steve K of the Electra (Vancouver, Canada) there's an Aphrodite in San Fransisco, another one in Michigan (on the Great Lakes).

According to James Blume of the Nemesis (Dallas, Texas) Aphrodite populations exists in Chicago and Annapolis. Also there's two boats in Texas. One is the Nemesis, the other one is currently unknown.

In the late 1970's, early 1980's Ned and Brian Johnson imported 29 Aphrodites to North America under the company name Aphrodite North America. Eventually a small Pacific Fleet was established. The Shearwater (Hull 23) was his personal boat at that time. Thanx to Lewis R. Townsend for this info.

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